The M Word

What IS the M word? You’re probably going through all the words in that mental book of “bad” words in your head right now. I would be too!! Well, let me just tell you. The M Word is where you will read content about topics such as beauty/skincare tips, personal beauty hacks, fun posts on MLB products, stories, entrepreneurship, motivational and inspirational topics and MORE! That’s right - it’s a blog. The M Word is my blog, my words.

I want you to get to know me! I want you to see a little bit of my personality and the person behind the brand. The person behind the business. The person behind the lip gloss you love so much ;) .Yes, you see me in some of my social media posts and you see a little bit about me and my vision on my “About” page, but you don’t really know ME. You can learn so much about a person through their thoughts, perspectives and ideas. But most importantly, in addition to getting to know me, I also get to connect with YOU!

Blogs bring like-minded people together - and since you’re reading this, we must be like-minded in some way right? We both like beauty, cosmetics, skin care, or just girly/feminine things!

I also want to help people in any way I can while doing what I love, being a black woman business owner. I hope that you gain something from this blog. I hope my brand and my words positively impact your life in some way. I hope that something I say will make you smile, laugh, think, or just simply make your day a little brighter. I hope I leave you with something to even pass along to others.

So why “The M Word” you might ask? Because, I am literally giving you MY word. I hope you enjoy all that is to come!

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